Here at EMT, we are proud of our heritage as pioneers in online learning for First Aid and have helped change the shape of this important area in the UK.

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This module is an excerpt from our longer blended first aid and first refresher courses (on April 11th 2016, the HSE announced that blended first aid is now allowed in the UK). This course is useful as a rapid revision aid and we include a short video "Putting you in the shoes of the First Aider" which depicts someone suffering an epileptic seizure in the theatre.  If you want to learn more we recommend that you take a First Aid at Work courses. Please see the link below for further details: Read More

First aid at work annual refresher Based on our blended learning programme, this is course is intended to be used to update and refresh knowledge in between requalifications. The Health and Safety Executive strongly recommend that first aiders undertake an annual refresher to update their knowledge. Formal requalification remains on a 3 year cycle.  Please play the video below for more information on this superb course: How does the course work? The course comprises over 4 hours of materials in 21 modules, each including several videos which are a combination of animation, high definition video and audio. You can visit these as many times as you need to over the next 12 months. The videos run in sequential order and you will need to complete a test at the end of each module.  Who is this course for? This course serves as an annual refresh of knowledge for qualified first aiders. It is also highly useful for learners who want to gain knowledge and skills in first aid either for their own personal development or as preparation for a classroom based course.     Read More

This course provides a basic overview of how to apply the principles of good Health and Safety. There are three modules: Roles and Responsibilities.  The principles of Risk Assessment including how to spot and manage hazards. Causes of accidents and how they should be prevented. The modules comprise a series of animations with audio. In addition, we have videos to illustrate the various learning points at the end of each module.  Read More

Manual Handling in the Workplace Our Manual Handling course is designed primarily for preventing injuries to those involved in Factory, Office and Construction settings. It covers an introduction to manual handling, appropriate legislation, and the structure of the spine together with the importance of correct posture, risk assessments and finally how adopting correct manual handling techniques can minimise risks of injury. Read More

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